What is Earthen Heart?

EHCOLORLOGO2Earthen Heart is a Permacultural Community Homestead.  We convert single family rural homes into eco-habitats. We work and live together to manifest another way of being in which we can reduce our waste and resource consumption while improving our quality of life.

Each of us is coming at it from our own unique way/path/journey – related to our stories, karma and dreams.  By observing nature, listening, and meditating upon  divine and natural systems and by wanting and consuming less mass-produced products we can together proceed to co-create a re-learning and co-evolution center.

We humans share a 20 acre parcel in Bangor, Michigan, USA with countless domestic, farm and wild animals and medicinal and edible plants.  We strive to live a more sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle.  The property is an expanding system of food trails, gardens, perennials foods, human habitats and natural buildings, chinampas, ponds, berm and swale, hugelmound landscaping, wilderness, thoughts, actions and inputs.

Formed in 2011 with years of hosting short term visitors, we are now looking for long term renters and potential co-owners to share the experience at below-market rent.  If you are interested in visiting please begin by filling out the survey.