What is Earthen Heart?

EHCOLORLOGO2Earthen Heart is a Permacultural Community Homestead.  We convert single family rural homes into eco-habitats. We work and live together to manifest another way of being in which we can reduce our waste and resource consumption while improving our quality of life.

Each of us is coming at it from our own unique way/path/journey – related to our stories, karma and dreams.  By observing nature, listening, and meditating upon  divine and natural systems and by wanting and consuming less mass-produced products we can then proceed to co-create a re-learning and co-evolution center.

Currently we share a 20 acre parcel in Bangor, Michigan, USA which is used for permacultural human development.  The property includes food trails, gardens, eco-cabins and wilderness used for hunting, camping and recreation.  We are interested in starting other similar developments as well with collaborators, investors, landowners potential members, etc.

  • Earthen Heart is a Re-Learning Center where we:
    • learn about medicinal/nutritional value of our many plant and animal teachers (often simply referred to as”weeds” or “pests”)
    • collectively reclaim lost skills and share in re-learning the ways a modern industrial path has trampled on.
    • revel in ongoing discovery of the values of perennial plants that grow easily as weeds within our reach which require little or no “tending,” plants like Amaranth and Plantain; rather than planting highly cultivated hybrid annual varieties that deplete soil and often require extensive weed and pest management
    •  learn to live together and produce more (food, energy, art, community)
  • Earthen Heart is a Food and Medicine Production Center:
    • we produce food and medicine for the Community Homestead
    • we produce and sell products under the Cottage Food Laws of Michigan (allowing $25,000 in gross sales)
    • we partner with other farms to produce value added foods from their crops


Ongoing Earthen Heart opportunities include:

The No-Cash Berry Collaboration.  Share the work and joy of pruning, tending, harvesting and processing this small patch of 250 or more blueberry bushes!  Pruning is primarily late Winter/early Spring, harvest focuses around mid July – mid August.  There are many other berries (blackberries, raspberries, dewberries) you can pick around that time and mix in to jams and such as well.

Farm Visits (advance notice required).  We generally have some Cottage Food items for sale and are open every Sunday from 2-6pm to the public!   Our products can only be purchased by visiting the farm.  Some products that have been produced thus far include:  Sumac salt (sumac berries, salt and herbs), blueberries (frozen, dehydrated, leather, jelly, jam, wine, vinegar), dried apples, garlic (fresh, scapes, cured, powder, salt), dried herbs and tea blends (yarrow, mullein, catnip, hyssop, etc.).

Farm Stays.  We have modest accommodations for short to long term stays and have hosted man people from all over the world since 2011.  Currently we ask that you visit for a short time first (1 day-2 weeks).  Then we can consider making a mutual deeper commitment to stay one month at a time and pay a co-use fee.  There may be possibilities to create income for those who wish to stay longer and are entrepreneurial , wish to create a micro-enterprise and pro-actively market products.

We Hope to See or Hear from You Soon!

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