Goats become a part of us, literally


The two horned goats will have to go.  As frozen blueberries that are sold or consumed free up freezer space, meat will fill the vacuum.  The two horned goats are set to be processed soon; made into jerky, frozen and/or pressure canned.  Then a few more goats may join us soon.  Currently the herd is only to feed the family and community members. SeptemberPost_81 SeptemberPost_82  We get a kick out of hanging with the goats.SeptemberPost_84

HugelKutur possibilities are everywhere.  As the ponds get dug and land gets moved, hugelkutur will be created.SeptemberPost_85Once again, berries hit the ground.  Sad but true.  The good news is that we have plenty of “value added” products like juice, syrup, jam, dried and frozen berries, wine and vinegar…