Animal Containment – Birds

Animal containment is a major issue at any farm.  Earthen Heart is no exception.  We have pretty much just been letting animals walk around and keeping them near home at night by taking good care of the animals and giving them some grain.  The main problem with chickens comes right around planting time.  They can wreak havoc on a planting of grain.  The neighbor has also been complaining when they wander over and nibble on his plants.  So, firstly, we want to have a secure home base, especially during winter time.

New chicken coop has been holding all twenty something hens along with Sidney the rooster.
Back door for gathering eggs!
Original coop still has a nice roost, 4 nests and plenty of room but birds get out easily.

Next, we want to create chicken tractors as mobile animal housing units.  They till, work and fertilize the soil over then move to the next location.  Inside there is a roost and laying nests so they don’t have to come back to the home base coop.

WWOOFers John McAllister and Daniel Gordon cutting wood for the chicken tractor.
WWOOFer Chris Kunze working on the chicken tractor.