Chicken Tractor update

There is not enough evidence or data to come to a conclusion, but it appears that the chickens being separated and relocated into the tractor disturbed egg production pretty drastically.  For now the 20+ hens are all back with Sidney in the main house.  A couple usually stay out for the night, especially the broody ones who don’t move even when the grain drops.  The tractor can be used for many things.  Perhaps the next round of chicks can start in there?   or in the spring put some in there before they start laying again?  catch some of these rabbits and start breeding bunnies again?  Moving along between the rows of blueberries?  So, the tractor is now vacant, but it is nice to have around.   We shall have to ponder.

Range of eggs is generally from 10-18, fluctuating around a dozen per day from 23 or so layers and one rooster.  It dropped to under 10 and is now back up to almost 20.  There are also likely many spots where eggs are laying in the woods and nearby the shed.