Want Less, Be More

Earthen Heart is primarily a Homestead, not a Farm.  As such, the focus is on production for our own community consumption, not for sale at market.  We grow grains, greens, veggies, nuts, fruits and raise animals for milk and meat as well as their manure and companionship.  The goal is to shop less, produce more.
We offer a humble lifestyle that can best be summarized by “Want Less, Be More.”  This translates to reducing our consumption levels and need for income and increasing our quality of life, time together and production of food, entertainment, energy, community.  Located in Southwest Michigan in Bangor near Lake Michigan and near many cities.

We like having all generations join in the process of living, working and learning together!

We welcome guests from many parts of the world and are easily accessible by Amtrak line that goes from Chicago to Grand Rapids.We want to share this place with people who care about the Earth and all Creation.  Please consider a visit and get in touch!  It takes a village.
Here is a link to a .pdf of the most recent version of The Community Homesteading Manifesto.  Community Homesteading_Winter_2018