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I have commissioned my friend in New York, the fine artist Alison Silva, to design the imagery for Earthen Heart that will be used for the banner on the roadside and product labels and general artistic marketing.  The HeART of the eARTh is an Earthen Heart.  Tierra del Corazon.


To have an Earthen Heart is paramount to being a citizen of our evolving community of humans.  We must push past the ignorance and the greed.  The maddening rush to obtain a moment of stasis and the pursuit of what appears to be comfort and happiness through convenience is only a means to destruction of our most sacred gift Planet Earth.


I am glad to have lived and worked in Metropolis and I actually (unlike many of you, I know) love the cities of the world.  But, if they are to continue on as part of the human presence on earth, we must integrate nature into our cities!  Paolo Soleri envisioned Arcology as opposed to the single family home of his mentor, Frank Lloyd Wright.  Soleri offers us a glimpse of what it might look like to have dense human clusters surrounded by wilderness through Arcosanti and Cosanti in Arizona, USA.  The immediate Earthen Heart village and hyper-local community is what is most important to the project.  Urban connections, however, offer a source of income and input from the outside world that is very important.


This artistic undertaking and collaboration with Alice is really a process of envisioning an improved future where our hearts, lives and work are dedicated to improving our place in the biosphere through art, food, community, and heightened awareness of the relationships we have with fellow humans and other plants and animals.  This can be done wherever you choose to live on the glorious lands of our Mother Earth.  Cities, towns, villages, rural areas, wilderness.  Even, I am starting to believe, in the suburbs.

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