Full Swing this Spring


Blossoms are out and some of the fruit has set already!  We need help picking berries, so please reach out if you are interested in purchasing and/or picking no-spray jersey blueberries.



What a wonderful visit we had from the Raki family this April!  It was truly a treat and a blessing to have all 5 of them here, living and working and sharing our lives.  So much was accomplished in the barn and little house, a gate was finally made for one of the gardens, basement window fixed, wheels repaired on chicken tractor, shelving installed in the main farm house, planting and weeding in the front garden, etc. etc.




Also many thanks to Heidi for helping with meals (especially some great bread and cookies) and the girls REALLY had a good time with your boys (esp. Sami).  Things take on new meaning when there is such a vibrant family to share our lives with!   The Raki family is traveling across country in their RV and homeschooling their kids along the way.  What a great adventure they are undertaking.  See http://rakisradrv.blogspot.com/  for more on that.  They are both teachers as well and create curriculum and resources for other teachers at http://www.rakisradresources.com/

gardensThe gardens are continually expanding, slowly but surely, to create wandering gardens from the road all the way back to the forest, with perennials, herbs, fruits, nuts, annuals, flowers, and wild forage edibles.


Cover crops were planted last fall and tilled in this spring, keeping the soil alive and adding nitrogen and life to the soil.



Sheba is using our newly mowed trail.  Flags mark the blueberries, aronia and other plants that we wish to protect as we selectively remove many of the densely packed deciduous trees and create a walking path with edibles along the way.


The washroom is serving fairly well as a greenhouse after the roof was replaced with polycarbonate greenhouse plastic a couple years ago.  The main challenge is that we need to get better at keeping the space cooler when things heat up.



We are also planning to make a portable greenhouse for starters on this old trailer with PVC and sheet plastic.  Among other things this will help minimize travel from the house to the garden.
hillrotoMany thanks to Hillary for coming out from Chicago for a couple weeks.  A talented and thoughtful person who really puts in a good days work!   Thanks for all your help with planting, weeding, tilling, pruning back the black berries and other helpful things.  Earthen Heart is one of many places in this area that are working to reclaim our harmonious relationship with the Earth.  It is a great joy to live and share this work with visitors and neighbors.