In Gratitude…


Before our open house on Sunday, October 27th (2-8pm) I want to give thanks to all who have played a part, in the past 3 years, in getting Project Earthen Heart established.  Firstly, I give deep gratitude to the dual forces of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, Father Sky who gives us light, heat, direction. Mother Earth for the ongoing gifts she provides, the humbling degree of creative, sustaining and destructive forces she provides to maintain the cycles of regeneration .  Humbling ourselves to God, Nature, The Commons or some other force greater than our own personal ego trip is fundamental to the advancement of our species and maintaining integrity during the planetary shift that is underway.  Sometimes this means just remaining calm and finding a way to be fully present again.  Sometimes it means shaking off all the reasons why you can’t do something and getting your butt up and just doing it!


Thanks to Palma and the five McGuires for the years we spent under one roof.   Though we are not all together now, on this property, we will always have that time together and I believe we are stronger for it.  Thanks for planting the garlic with me that first year which remains a crop we cultivate here.  Thanks for trying to make it work here.  I know you are happy in your new location and look forward to spending quality time with you all as the years pass.


Thanks to my two daughters, Nova and Aria, for the ongoing inspiration they offer me and the ability they have to make me a better human.

Thanks to my mother, Guala; father, Raymond; stepfather, Ricardo; brother Emile and countless other family members both biological and through marriage, friendship, work and synchronicity.  Thanks for your insights, challenges, and support in this life, this endeavor.  Thanks for your guidance and love.  To be connected to fellow humans is fundamental.  Separation is the cause of suffering, love and union is the only solution.

Thanks to my neighbors.  David and family for helping with the goats and plowing.  Rafael, for tolerating the goats and chickens wandering over to his corn and blueberries.  Also for sharing of his bounty!


Many thanks to Juan and Mary Lou for the time they spent here this past summer, especially for their help with the hens, cooking, collecting berries and making trails!


Thanks much to the more experience local farmers:  Maynard, Lee and Laurie, Sam and many others!

Thanks to the WWOOFERs ( who have come and continue to come for short but meaningful and productive visits.  Daniel for sharpening knives, catching rabbits, helping in the garden and sharing meals with us!  Steve from Australia for shoveling a substantial amount of horse manure from a nearby source

manure1 manure2

also for splitting a major pile of wood for us as the wood burning stove becomes a more substantial part of our winter heating strategy!


Finally, thanks Australian Steve, for being there when things were a little rough and strange in my life and for helping with cleaning, cooking and other everyday important tasks!


Thanks to Rich for your help with plumbing matters!


Thanks to Sam for help with the attic and bathroom and general advice on direction on countless projects!

Thanks to Steve, from Ann Arbor, for your help with the goats this past summer.  Also, for your little nuggets of wisdom, some of which will save me countless hours in the future.

Thanks to those who have donated to the farm operations thus far, sometimes in exchange for goods (eggs, berries, garlic, Za’atar, file powder, preserves, etc.) and to those who will be future CSA members!

Thanks to the Law of Time and to Mankind Project for being a source of wisdom and deeper connection!

Endless gratitude to all whom I have known and loved, those I will come to know and those I will never know.  May your journey be a rich and beautiful one with many connections.  Thanks to all who have helped me with Earthen Heart in one way or another and will help in the future.  Thanks to those ecovillagers, intentional community builders, urban agriculturalists, green builders, and creators of the new way that live all across this Great Earth we share!