Into Summer We-a-Go


Many thanks to Rachel and Quinn for visiting us for the wrap up of their journey before returning home.  They helped harvest herbs, garlic and greens.  Lots of help cleaning house, playing with the girls and organizing a bit around the outbuildings.  Loved having you out and hope to see you again soon!novariaroom

The floor is finished in the girls room and found out there is WATER BASED polyurethane!  Still some finishing touches to do on the room, but things are moving along.herdoffour

The herd has stabilized at four.  Only one kid (out of two) made it.  Only Artie was properly bred.  Thought I had the other two, Madi and Plata, “covered” by the same Nubian sire.  Apparently not.  Little Cinnamon still stays with the herd the entire day, but gets separated at night.  And we get around a pint of milk a day from Artie in the morning.  Generally you either run a dairy or a meat operation and I understand some of the reasons why that makes a HECK of a LOT of sense, but we do both over here on a very small scale.  In order to offer a herd share we have been considering various fencing options, upgrades to the facilities and such.  But currently making due with and learning from this herd seems to be the wisest choice before scaling anything up.  Might get a goat here and there, but major increase in production is not in the immediate future.harvest2

Aria with mullein, garlic (including greens, stems, scapes), catnip, yarrow…

cinnahugHopefully PETA doesn’t get involved in this goat treatment issue we got over here.  The girls are a little rough on him at times.