Spring Break Visitors from China!



Many thanks to Susie, Wen and Hongbo who visited from University of Minnesota.  What a pleasure, an honor, and a gift to host you for the week of your Spring Break!IMG_4600

The renovated main farm house is in good shape to have our first visitors of the year!  IMG_4609

The dogs are usually outside, now that it has warmed up a bit, but sometimes we still let in Ollie boy to spoil him a little and let him know we love him!IMG_4623

Lots of work was done on the land:  raking up leaves into the compost pile, tilling in the cover crops, pulling up horseradish, planting root vegetables, pruning blueberries and other fruit…IMG_4634 We had a nice fire going a couple nights and roasted some sugar puffs.

IMG_4664Girls helped make pancake mix with our guests!  I very much enjoy cooking for and with others and seem to cook for large groups even when the population is low.  We ate lots of our home raised goat and chicken meat, prepared in various ways.  Shared meals are always a highlight for me.

girlsatfireNice photos Hongbo.  You three are such talented, beautiful, thoughtful and caring people.  We miss you and thank you for your contributions and hope you had a good time!