Spring renewal as a gift in turbulent times.

Earthen Heart offers an opportunity for Community Homesteading in rural Southwestern Michigan.  We are creating a model for how to live collectively; improving our quality of life while curbing our consumption patterns.  Julian is putting most of his energy into building this model and promoting it through various channels, including submitting a proposal for the Buckminster Fuller Challenge and soon to have an article in the Michigan Land Trustees newsletter.  Though connected to intentional communities, ecovillages, co-housing and other movements, community homesteading has some unique characteristics which I can expand upon in an upcoming post, likely in the Fall.

Kids in a Canoe

Currently the Burdick-McGuire-Lauzzana family is in the main house.  However, with some sadness, it seems that Palma and the three oldest kids will be looking for their own place in town.  For ten years we have been on a journey of blended family, with several long separations.  After having another go at it this past year, it seems that we are clearly better as friends and family but not under one roof.  This will allow us to see each other more purely as friends with separate lives and passions and hopefully make us all stronger.  The struggles, the joys, the many shared moments are and will be collectively something substantial in my own evolutionary path for sure.

As Spring gets real finally I look out the window and ask my dreams to illuminate my tired fractured mind.  What fills me?  What gifts can I share with this world?  What legacy do I want to leave?  How can I honor myself and others, especially women, through my actions?

Star lichen on this boggy sandy soil offers a little micro-world for fairies and other creatures to play.  This stuff is a sign of “poor soil” but to me it seems a filter and a place of wonder.  Perhaps we can make some home-made peat moss some day?

The darker flowers on the blueberries are, I believe the few blue crop variety plants we have.  They come earlier and are generally larger.

Now that they have cross-pollinated for many years, I believe that technically they have created a new variety.  The Earthen Heart variety.  Thanks to Elbert Parker for planting these back in the day.  After 5 years of pruning we are looking really good.  4 rows adopted.  Perhaps we can get them all picked.  Making plans for the first ever “Earthen Heart Blueberry Harvest Gathering!”

A frost a couple days ago did not appear to do any noticeable damage to the flowers.  Those crop dusters are flying all around but not dropping anything on our bushes.