Springtime Agritopian Adventures, Part 1

Our first spring visitor, Chelsea, came from Chicago for a weekend stay during the first weekend of May.  We accomplished quite a bit in a short period of time and had a good time doing it!  One of the future plans here at Earthen Heart is to accommodate more urban dwellers for eco/agro weekend retreats.  Bangor is served by Amtrak and is right between Kalamazoo and South Haven and so is well suited for such endeavors.buki

Chelsea bottle feeding “Buki” whose mama Artie had mastitis for a couple weeks so was facing death without human intervention. cinnafeedChelsea feeding “Cinnamon” the second of our two kids we had this year.  The herd is remaining small for now in order to keep things manageable.  It’s these three and Maddy and Plata staying out in another forage area.  Likely Cinnamon will be our Buck and Maddy will become meat for our freezer.

artienkidsMama Artie is fine after 3 weeks of eating garlic, vitamin C, getting peppermint salve rubs on her udder and eating various nutrients.  After being separated at night a few days ago, she is now giving us a little over a pint of milk each morning, then back to the kids for the rest of the day!

Spring2014WWOOFers_99When Chelsea arrived, the fruit tree order had just arrived through Van Kal Permaculture group.  So, we picked up 16 trees and started planting on the perimeter of several newly fenced in garden areas (one of which Chelsea helped install).

chelseadig1Not bad for a city girl!

pickledeggsLastly, but actually it was the FIRST thing we did.  Pickled eggs.  First time ever for me.  Never been a huge fan, but HEY, we have a surplus of eggs right now and this preserves them for 6 months!  They are actually rather tasty.  Good for making egg salads of all kinds!  Thanks for visiting Chelsea, we hope to see you again down the road!