Summer Berry Blitz

We are deep in the berries over here!  Freezers are packed, wine is fermenting from the last of prior years’ frozen berries, picking as much as possible (60 lbs a day would be my estimate), then making jams and chutney, soon to be juicing and making fruit leather and vinegars.  We are letting folks come out and pick for free and asking for help with pruning berries in Fall, Winter and Spring.  This patch of earth is grounds for recreating our connection with the food system that weaves the web of our lives.  I have not had better blueberries anywhere.  Others confirm this notion.  The berries have some critters that eat them which might find their way into your bucket but we prefer that to the mystery checmicals that might end up in your foods.  The food forest, food trails and growing gardens here at Earthen Heart are creating and “Agritopian Adventure” that will be defined mostly by our relationships (old and new) and with our collective relationship to the Earth itself.  If we listen to Pachamama we can get instructions; subtle at times like a gentle breeze; abrupt other times like a lightning storm passing straight through your town.  Pictures to be posted once I figure out how to get the refurbished old gadgets to communicate with each other.

Reach out if you wanna pick berries.


(269) 447-1355