Spring 2014

WELL, it IS time for a Spring post!  I need an excuse to stay in and rest the bones after a day of moving manure and putting up fencing yesterday.  I also want an excuse to stay indoors from the cold that returns us to BELOW FREEZING conditions this April!  Which is certainly not unheard of in Michigan, but this winter lingers…The cold also threatens fruit again (recall that two years ago there were almost no apples, pears, peaches…) which is a BIG DEAL here in the “fruit belt” of Southwest Michigan.  Many small farms depend on each years income to stay afloat.

So, now, some progress at Earthen Heart.  And, when I say progress, I mean that which moves us personally and collectively towards manifesting a new model for living.  It seems that we must connect with the source of our food and energy, get closer to our human kin and remain in a state of reverence towards nature and the divine source.  This is that which I attempt to focus my energy.  I am so glad that there are so many other humans working towards this new direction as well.

Along with the help of WWOOFer Chris Burke this winter, we set up a nice little starter area in the basement.  Stays nice and toasty by the furnace.

startersCurrently there is Stevia growing nicely.  Thanks to seed given by members of VanKal Permaculture group!

stevia Also growing pak choy, arugula, kale, collards, cilantro…

kaleThe first totally renovated interior is coming along nicely.  Thanks to Ricardo, Chris, Brian and Molly!KVP_grainscoop_99_17Chickens are laying between 10-20 eggs a day now.  The ones that have survived the weather and predators seem to be quite healthy out there.  Hopefully soon I will be hatching eggs in the brooder and candling eggs to see if they are fertilized.

ChickensKVP_grainscoop_99_14 eggs


Plans are underway to turn the 1/8th of an acre right off County Road 380 into a demonstration permaculture garden site connected to driveway/parking and roadside stand.  This area will be amended and fenced in from deer and farm animals to use this season as a test bed for the VanKal Permaculture Grains Co-Op.KVP_grainscoop_61Well, there’s plenty more, but I don’t want to just sit here writing all day now DO I!   Thanks for reading and remember we could always use a hand over here.  We love to host people who love the Earth and like to eat good food!  Also, CSA shares are available anytime at $120.  This serves as a credit on your balance and you keep getting things until it runs out.  You know, like having a tab at the general store.  Right now we have za’atar, file powder, dried or preserved blueberries and farm fresh eggs available.