Welcome to Earthen Heart LLC

Welcome to Earthen Heart LLC

Welcome to Earthen Heart LLCWelcome to Earthen Heart LLCWelcome to Earthen Heart LLC

Affordable Sustainable Housing

in Southwest Michigan, USA

Affordable Sustainable Housing

Residents pay a  modest co-use fee & collectively manage homestead and property.  We aim to conserve resources while increasing our quality of life.  We strive to generate more of our own food, energy, medicine, entertainment.  

Events and Gatherings

On-site short term and small events of 10-50 individuals for 4hrs or a weekend.  Items available on-site for events production are: sound system, drum kit, movie projector, etc. Think theater, films, poetry, educational plant tours, workshops, food processing intensive.

Food and Medicine Trails

Twenty acres of intertwining food trails, gardens, ponds, chinampas and gardens with bountiful food and medicine.  Foraging in forests.  On-site selection of preserved foods and medicine from the property, also on-site resource library & seed bank.  We also share our surplus items.

Urban Wknd/Holiday Retreat

Earthen Heart LLC works great for a day trip or weekend getaway for those of you in nearby cities like Kalamazoo, St. Joseph/Benton Harbor, Grand Rapids or Chicago.  Campsites and tiny house available seasonally.  Please always call or email in advance to make arrangements.

Regional Food Processing

Sourcing food from nearby farms to process into value added foods using under-utilized commercial kitchens (such as in churches) we work together to increase our regional resiliency (especially during winter). Recent items include:  sauerkraut and other fermented foods, blueberry vinegar, dandelion wine, garlic salt, spice and tea blends, fruit leathers, dried fruits and veggies). Every year we have massive food waste and not enough hands to do the work.  Please reach out to get involved!



(unless there is a publicized event).

Please make advance plans to visit by contacting:  Julian Lauzzana

(269) 539-7378

Affordable sustainable housing, community events, producing food, art, energy, surplus for others...these are all aspects of project Earthen Heart LLC, a Permacultural Community Homestead in SWMI, USA.